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Dear Diary:   by Deanna           

             My two little sisters gave me this pink diary with gold trim.  Dawn’s is just like it, in blue.  Curiously, the back of both books has a paint swirl of pink and blue. It seems the paint got mixed up and the two books are connected.  Whatever Dawn or I write on the back page of our own book, shows up in the other’s book somehow, no matter where we are. Maybe someday, it might be possible to even see each other and talk over long distance.  For now, we only have one house phone and one small television set. Yet, anything is possible.

What I love to do is play the piano. I love music of all kinds: from old German, Russian and Austrian classic composers; to the ‘roaring twenties’ of 1920, to today’s music. I feel transported into the time the music was created. I get to feel part of a different world while I play.

I also love to make quilts like Mormor creates. They keep us warm and I feel wrapped in a hug even when she is a country away. When I sew, I feel close to her.

My favorite place to be is sitting under a big leafy tree by a brook as the water rushes over stones, watch the sunlight sparkle and listen to the pleasant sounds. I feel at home nestled in nature. My other favorite place to be is a library, surrounded by stories from all over the world and different times. In the quiet of this big open space, I get to be alone in my own thoughts mixed with the thoughts of the author of whatever book I am reading.

The books I like to read most often are those that combine history and romance.  I love to read all about daring adventures while I am safe and sound, in my rose-colored room.

I am happiest when the family is together: especially when we are all smiling and telling stories. I enjoy how different we are yet each of us inherited Dad’s fun of telling a tall tale.  The adventures my sisters create are so amazing; I love to see where they will go next. Dallan is a quiet sort of guy and considers every detail when he tells a story. Nickel just likes to be a part of everything.  

This is home to me and it makes me smile.

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