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Good Day All,

We are happy you are visiting with us.  This is truly a labor of love and a big family!        Created for families, about a family, by our family

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                                           HOW IT ALL BEGAN:

I write this book series from my own childhood with my late, younger sister Donna.  We were considered the ‘little girls’ as we were the third and fourth of five children and I am almost three years younger than my brother.  We were often left to our own imagination in a city backyard and could play for hours on our own, creating story after story.

Don Chase famliy at Warwick, S.M 001.jpg

We are close as a family of siblings as is the family in our story, and the personalities of the five kids in the story reflect our own, in very exaggerated ways. Many a fun conversation between us building these characters has been had, and the two bedrooms of Dallan and Deanna are very similar to their actual rooms in our home in Santa Monica.  Better yet, the opening picture for our website is the very house we grew up in. 


Donna and I hated reading as kids, yet we loved to hear someone read to us.  We agreed that we wanted a book of fun to hook other kids like us who don’t like to read and open the amazing world of books that we found on the other side of our first intriguing book.  We both felt that we missed on interesting stories and adventures for all the years we didn’t read.




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