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Dear Diary   by Dawn:           

     I love stories of castles, princesses and fairies. The world sparkles with hidden creatures just waiting to be found. Birds are my favorite magical creature.

     Pretending to be an enchanted person is what I love to do. I practice being brave, because I am really not brave at all. But, when I am a princess, I can find a way to save the people of my kingdom from the evil knight.

     We have lots of birds in the backyard, big to tiny. We have named them all. Listening to them twitter back and forth makes me want to sing and dance with them.

      My favorite book is one full of the magical ‘what if’ wishes in a world far away. You never know when a leprechaun may show up and save the day.

      I love school and have a few friends who like to get straight ‘A’s like me.  But most of all I love to read and learn about new things. I am like Deanna in that way. Her bookshelves are full of stories from all over the world and imaginary worlds too, with dragons and ‘damsels in distress’ she says. If I am careful with them, I can pick out one of her precious books to read and curl up on the living room couch.

     Best of all, I get to be with Darcy.  The family calls us the ‘little girls’.  I know Darcy pushes the limit with Dad and Mom, and she kind of walks on the line of what is ok and what could be ok, maybe. But I would never think up all of the amazing things our ordinary city lot could turn into. She creates these fun, big adventures just waiting for us in our own back yard.  We get to outsmart the pirates and save the gold.  Who doesn’t want to do that?

     When Mom says we have to dress up, I can’t wait. I love to dress in my shiny, little black shoes. They are perfect for dancing with their smooth bottom soles. In my good dress, I feel like I could be the King’s daughter. I practice all my manners just in case I am invited to dinner at a castle someday.

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