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     I love the  fun  of the day. Especially if there is No School!

     I am sure I am a misplaced rancher’s daughter.  I love the outdoors and

All the different animals, especially horse. I like to be friends with them because each one is so unique, just like people.

     My favorite book is one I don’t have to read.  It helps if there is a pirate, or a mystery to solve or if it has animals in the story.

     The city where I live is ok, I guess. I have everything I need. But there are no stars.  The fog comes in every night and I can barely see across the street.  The sound of the freeway is constant. It is louder than all the birds in our backyard. (Dad once brought a rooster home, but the neighbors thought his rrr-rr-r-RRR everymorning was to loud, so Dad gave him away.)  And in the city, there are no ‘wide open spaces’  just a city park miles away.

     Creating mini-worlds under Mom’s rosebushes, digging in the dirt and building towns out of scrap wood from the garage for my collectable plastic horses and animals makes any day great.

     Best part of ll is sharing my worlds with Dawn. She is so smart and want to know everything about everything.  We can be anyone going anywhere in the world from our own back yard.

     I do get in trouble.

     I do get carried away and go right past Dad and Mom’s rules, now and then.  Dawn never gets mad at me when she has to share in the results of my stupid action.  I wish I were more like her sometimes. She only sees the good in people and hardly ever gets upset.  Me? I ‘fly off the handle’ Mom says when things don’t go my way.  I stomp my foot, sputter a few words and feel myself turning red. Not fun! I need to work on that.

     Dressing up, now that is the worst.  I mean, how do you climb a tree in Grandma’s backyard in fancy black shoes with slippery bottoms and a dress?

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