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NOTE: I am doing this because I was tricked into a game by my two little sisters, and lost. Their tactic was clever and I won’t fall for that one again.

  1. The mysterious interlinking of all things in the universe astounds me. Like if a comet passes over, it could cause ocean levels to rise which, in turn, could cause ships to be stranded when the water recedes later that year. Maybe, if I can figure out how things like ships and trains are built and move it could help me understand the Big puzzle.

  2. I’d love to join NASA. I could learn and help connect here to there by designing a spaceship.  I think the more we know about what is up there, the more we can see how our life down here works. Even before liftoff, we could probably learn so much in both science and engineering.

  3. Accordingly, my favorite books are in two categories: physics and how things work. I also love to read about ancient ships, trains and planes.  I have built my own models and test them in the backyard.  I like to experiment with things I build in my room: electrical circuits, miniature cranes, and skyscrapers with erector sets. Whether they succeed or fail, it’s fun.  I just can’t turn my brain off.

  4. What I like to do is play basketball. I love the energy and the preciseness of putting the ball through the hoop.  It takes strategy to outthink your opponent and quick thinking to adjust to their action and win the moment by sinking the ball in the basket. I like to travel and see new landscapes, like deserts, mountains, oceans.  My list of things to see is never ending. I don’t mind formal occasions, but I wouldn’t want to be formal all the time. And I don’t like being tricked or out maneuvered. In the evening, I love the peace of playing my guitar and being wrapped in its beautiful sounds.

  5. I am most happy when I am around family. I love the family stories, music and support.

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